2017 Volunteers Needed similar to 2016!

Ball Kids-Challenger Flyer.jpg

Dear Tennis Enthusiast-

In addition to the opportunity to see world-class tennis, we are seeking your assistance in identifying volunteers to serve as “ball kids” for the USTA Pro Circuit Tennis Challenger Event.

If you know of someone that would be interested in serving as a “ball kid” for the event, we are seeking volunteers daily for the following match times:

Qualifying matches:

Saturday, November 19th: 9:00am – 8p

Sunday, November 20th: 9:00am – 6p

Main Draw:

Monday, November 21st: 10am – 10p

Tuesday, November 22nd: 3:00pm – 10p

Wednesday, November 23rd: 10:00am – 9p

Thursday, November 24th: 10:00am – 2p

Friday, November 25th: 11:00am – 9p

Saturday, November 26th: 4:00pm – 11p

Sunday, November 27th: 1:00pm – 6p

Ball Boys/Girls should plan to arrive :30 minutes prior to their scheduled shifts

Complimentary event t-shirt and food/beverage provided for volunteers

If you know someone that would be interested in volunteering as a “ball kid”, please have them contact me directly:

Andrew Kossoff